About me

Maya Shavin - Web developer, writer and speaker

My name is Maya Shavin and Welcome to my personal website. I'm a Web Developer from Israel and currently Senior Frontend Developer at Cloudinary.

Besides coding, I write articles about JavaScript tutorials and best practices, speak at conferences , and organize the VueJS Israel community meetups .

I'm all for experimenting with new frameworks or participating in new OSS projects. You can follow me @MayaShavin , Facebook , Github , and Medium blog .



I mainly work with ReactJS, VueJS, Nuxt, AngularJS, TypeScript, Flow, and anything related to Front-end development. That said, I work with JavaScript, JQuery, HTML5, and CSS3. I believe that a robust Vanilla JavaScript knowledge is necessary for being a good web developer.

When it comes to making my developing process faster, more comfortable, and more secure, I'm always ready to adopt new technologies.

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